MIND-BODY, MICROBIOME, METHYLATION: Your mind is the hub of your universe. It represents the essence of who you are. And it’s the server that connects all the other parts of your body not only to the server – your brain – but to each other as well. While knowledge about the function of the mind is growing exponentially, no one really knows if or when we will reach the limits of understanding this incredibly complex group of billions of cells that function in almost mystical fashion. “MIND” is front and center – and first – in our exploration of MINDSET, because without the commitment – the “mindset” – nothing else happens.

Spirit – the intangible you. But an important part of who and what you are.  Spirit encompasses purpose and meaning. It goes beyond the functional. It is your “why.” It transcends the physical world and into the metaphysical. Who and what you are beyond the physical world that can be experienced with the five senses.

“M” also stands for methylation. Methylation is the biochemical process where a methyl group is added to a DNA molecule.  It is an epigenetic modification that affects the expression of a gene without changing its physical structure.  It is a critical component in the promotion of health and wellness because we can alter the actual performance of certain genes in a positive fashion. In some cases, specific nutritional ingredients promote or facilitate some of these changes.


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