With supplements being just one part of the solution, The Virtual Formula, in conjunction with Dr. Jim Meehan, has developed the MINDSET Wellness Program. MINDSET focuses on 11 elements that have the most impact on your Health, Wellness, and Vitality. MINDSET is made up of low cost, high yield, evidence-based approaches to Optimal Health. Click on the letters below to explore each in greater detail.

MIND-BODY-SPIRT, METHYLATION: Your mind is the hub of your universe. Change – for the better – always begins with the mind. It is linked inexorably to your body. As is your spirit. Your spirit is that esoteric, undefinable you that science has been unable to quantify. But, while we can’t measure it, we can surely impact it. People feel and function significantly different in mind, body, and spirit, depending on their lifestyle choices. And methylation is one of the key processes your body uses to function optimally.

INFLAMMATION, IMMUNITY: Inflammation was long been equated with localized swelling, redness, and warmth in direct response to an injury. It is now known to be a key component in long-term health and wellness, on the order of importance of your immune system, your body’s first line of defense against invasions of all sorts. Fortunately, there are many lifestyle choices you can make – especially nutritionally – that can have a significant positive impact on inflammation.

NUTRITION, NOOTROPICS: Fifty years ago there was virtually no recognition of how unique each person’s nutritional needs would be.  The world of genetics opened our eyes to the importance of identifying nutrients that support our specific unique genetic variants. And nootropics, nutrition that enhances brain function, is no exception. We really are what we eat. Once the least understood areas of nutritional health, genetics has gone mainstream. You can have your DNA analyzed many places today. Only The Virtual Formula can manufacture a formula exclusively for your combination of variants.

DETOXIFICATION, DIGESTION: Detoxification goes hand in hand with your immune system. Detoxifying anything harmful entering your body is clearly a key element of staying healthier longer. But this critical function won’t work well without optimal digestion, the essential pathway for nutrients -including those supporting detoxification – to become available to your body. Too many people, in good faith, ingest healthy foods and supplements without realizing that their bodies aren’t using them efficiently.

SLEEP, SEXUAL HEALTH: People like to brag about how little sleep they need. But sleep is where your body performs many of its restorative functions. “Recharging” isn’t a euphemism. It is a real component of long-term health and wellness.  Going without sleep can be as unhealthy as not exercising or not eating a healthy diet. “S” also stands for sexual health. As with virtually all of the other lifestyle choices we need to make, sexual health plays a key role in mental and physical health as well.

ENERGY, EXERCISE: Where would we be without energy? It is the life-force that allows everything else to happen. You don’t run a car without gas. Likewise you don’t operate your body without energy, right down to the cellular level. And one of the key components to maintaining optimal energy, in addition to quality nutrition and sleep, is exercise. Exercise is a complex topic, dependent on a host of variables including your age, overall physical condition, and genetics. Genetics play a key role in how your body responds to various physical activities.

THYROID, TOTAL HORMONES: Hormones are signaling molecules. They are an important component in the “instruction” process that governs how your body functions. While the thyroid hormone is one of the most commonly addressed, total hormone balance critical to optimal functionality.  As with the rest of your bodily functions, there are genetic as well as lifestyle components. Understanding and optimizing their roles is key to maintaining optimal hormonal balance.

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